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My name is . I was born on in Hilden, Germany. Some time ago I was a band member of Freiwelt (formerly known as FREI). Today I'm married, got 3 wonderful kids and work as a Senior Consultant for software development at innoQ.

You can find more information about my work related activities at my innoQ profile.

Apart from my interest in Basketball, I like to spend as much time as I can in supporting open-source software projects.

What does 'goldstift' stand for?

'goldstift' is a nickname I got from one of my bosses when I was a trainee. It is actually a combined word of the two words "gold" (referencing the valuable metal) and "stift" which is a colloquial German word for "trainee". Back then all trainees at our company were called "Stift". My boss and my colleagues said, they really valued my work, so they started to call me "goldstift".

I felt very flattered by this appreciation and some time later I adopted the nickname.

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