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Postfix and /etc/hosts

The following post is actually a note2self as I stumbled over this problem and wanted to create a reminder for myself and others with similar issues.


"master" is the host machine for multiple virtual machines (in my case they are run and managed via "libvirt"). One of these virtual machines is "mail-host" which holds a postfix mailserver. All of the machines are using an externally managed DNS server. The virtual machines are only available to the outside world via NAT. They don't have public IP addresses and therefore aren't known to the external DNS server.

The last point is actually the reason for this post:

How do I configure postfix to forward mails for "" to another server if DNS states that localhost is ""?

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Collaborator on Sonar IntelliJ Plugin

Lately I was granted the "Collaborator" status on the Sonar Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA at Github ( and I'd like to share with you the benefits of this project.

For those who aren't familiar with the benefits of Sonar's source code analysis, yet, you should really take a look. Sonar not only performs CheckStyle, PMD and FindBugs analysis of your code and highlights the validations on the specific lines of code. But by leveraging the power of JaCoCo Code coverage it is also able to determine the line- and branch-coverage of your JUnit-Tests.

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I'm speaking at Java Forum Stuttgart 2013

I have been invited to talk at Java Forum Stuttgart on July 4th 2013. Java Forum is a single day event fully packed with good talks on various topics. You can see the complete schedule here. If you like to attend the event, you can register here.

My talk on "Enterprise Integration Patterns - Best Practices for application integration" will be in slot D7 from 16.40 - 17.25.

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Glassfish 4 on Nexus7

As you might have read in my previous blog post I'm currently doing Proof-Of-Concepts on what is possible with Java on a tablet like the Google Nexus7 device meaning a Nvidia Tegra chip which itself is an ARMv7 processor.

Thankfully there is a team at Ubuntu which dedicates its work to bringing a desktop linux to the tablet which supports the well-known standardized Java Runtime Environments out there.

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