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Article on Innovation Tokens at jaxenter

The article I wrote on "Innovation Tokens: Hilfsmittel bei Informatikerromantik und Technologie-Überflutung" which was published in the German Business Technology magazine, has just been republished on! You can find it at in German language.

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Article on company culture at innoQ

I just wanted to hint my German speaking readers to an article I wrote about the company culture at innoQ. The article is on our company website and I’d really appreciate your feedback e.g. on writing style or content.

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Getting started with Clojure

Why Clojure?

As I apparently love to use many braces in my blog posts, Clojure is just a natural match! ;) Just kidding. I wanted to dig into Clojure for about a year now, but couldn't find the time. Clojure to me seems like the most interesting member of the functional programming language family.

Getting started

The official website has a Getting Started page which sends you to the community-driven Clojure Documentation

… but there is also this one:

… and even this one:

… and additionally there's the official documentation at ;-)

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