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JavaOne 2012 Session material is now available

Oracle just published screen & audio recordings of all sessions at JavaOne 2012. The files for our session "Enterprise Application Integration patterns for Java EE cloud applications (CON6960)" and all others are available in the Oracle JavaOne Content Catalog.

The slides for our talk are also still available at Github via the URL I also uploaded some of the pictures taken before, during and after JavaOne to a public Dropbox directory.

If there are any questions or you want to provide feedback, please contact us on Twitter (referring to #CON6960) or post a Github issue, so question and answer are publicly available for everyone interested. Thanks in advance.

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Getting ready for JavaOne 2012

At the time of writing this blog post everything is prepared and I'm already really excited about my very first flight to the States and therefore my very first Oracle JavaOne. As my talk proposal for JavaOne has been accepted by the conference committee - thanks again -, I'm even going to be a speaker at JavaOne 2012.

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